Positive Futsal Academy – Positive Futsal Academy was set up by owner and head coach James Bottomley to allow children in the Malvern and Worcester area access to a sport that has been played by children and adults alike across the world for many years. Futsal is used in most South American countries and European as the major development tool for young footballers, players in the majority of these countries will not play football until they are at least 10 years old. Futsal is used to allow them to feel comfortable with the ball at their feet, make quick decisions, gain confident ball manipulation skills and be comfortable in tight situations amongst many other benefits. Futsal is unique to football as a smaller heavier ball is used on a smooth hard playing surface usually indoors on a court much smaller than a traditional age related football pitch. Our sessions are run using the positive coaching method, they are fun, engaging, friendly and technically rewarding. The sessions so far have benefited many players that have shown accelerated development which they have transferred to there weekend football teams and used during their futsal sessions.

Positive Futsal Academy sessions involve:

Lots of ball time

1 clear technical output

Most importantly lots of game time!

We also organise matches against other nearby Futsal teams, sometimes during our session or on another day which will not affect their football teams matches and sessions where possible.
To get involved and to sign up to our next sessions please click on the link below:

Malvern Sessions at the Chase High School – Tuesdays

Futsal Academy session

Fees are payable termly and vary according to the length of the school term.
Further age groups and sessions to be added shortly alongside a girls Futsal session.