Name – James Bottomley

Football and Futsal club supported and why? Football club – Manchester United Futsal Club – Worcester Futsal Club
Favourite Football player?
My all time favourite player has to be David Beckham, he was part of a hugely successful Manchester United team which had an array of fantastic players. Beckham was an amazing passer of the ball and scored some amazing goals for both United and England.


Most memorable/proudest moment in Football and futsal?
My proudest time being a player was playing for the Aston Villa Centre of Excellence until I was 16 years old


Education and coaching qualifications?
I have a degree in Media Studies! My football and Futsal qualifications are FA level 2 Football and FA level 2 Futsal alongside FA safeguarding, FA first Aid and DBS.


Which do you prefer Football or Futsal? Why?
I love both for differing reasons, I played football from an early age as Futsal wasn’t really played when I was growing up other than some indoor football with an usual large tennis ball style football! However, I love the intensity of Futsal and the level of ball manipulation and skill required alongside the amazing development Futsal can have for young players.


Advice for young footballers and Futsal players?
To play in a positive and fun environment, the key to development, in my opinion, is to enjoy what you are doing in an environment that does not put pressure on you.


Anything else you would like to share?
Try not to compare yourself to other players, everyone develops at different speeds and every player has unique strengths to them.


Coaching experience?
Leigh and Bransford, Positive Futsal Academy, Halesowen Town Colts JPL, Worcester Futsal Development squad, AJB sports in Education Schools football and Multi-sports, AJB Positive Futsal Academy