Futsal and Football – The positive effect of combining both games to maximise development potential for footballers

As both a qualified Futsal and Football coach alongside I have first hand experience of the benefits of ‘dual tracking’ futsal and football.

First off we have to look toward the use of Futsal in developing players in Europe and South America, seldom is the longer version of football played in these countries before young players are exposed to Futsal in their developmental years. Futsal is an amazing development tool for football players and a fantastic standalone game, playing the game of futsal naturally and quickly develops players technical and tactical abilities which are easily transferable to the longer game of football.

Since starting Positive Futsal Academy at the beginning of 2019 I have been able to expose young footballers to the game of Futsal, I have seen personally how Futsal has provided an accelerated development opportunity for young footballers. This exposure combined with playing their normal football has shown proven technical and tactical improvement alongside the natural fitness improvements through playing the intense non-stop indoor game.

It is not hard to understand now that many Tier 1 Academy programs in England are starting to realise the opportunity Futsal has to add accelerated development and improve players technical and tactical abilities through utilising the game of Futsal. It is our belief that this ‘dual tracking’ of Futsal and Football will be common from top academies all the way down to grassroots, not only improving the technical ability of English players but creating a world class International Futsal team in England to compete with the likes of Spain and Brazil.

Positive Futsal Academy are proud to be one of the foremost set ups offering the ability for players to experience Futsal alongside Football and be in a position to allow players the enjoyment of both games.